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Launch your studio in 4 steps

1. Calculate your Projected Income
2. Select your Business Concept
3. Choose your Technology
4. Open your studio with XBODY Global Support

1. Calculate your Projected Income

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Click calculate to update your total values

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Want a full, personalised ROI calculation that includes expenditure?
Complete the form below or contact us.

Play around with your session price, group size and opening hours to get a preview of your future income as an EMS studio.

Click 'CALCULATE' at the bottom of the table to update total values:​​

2. Select your Business Concept

Business concepts

The most popular business concept in the world.

Small studio, small investment, large profit.

Business concepts

Install an EMS studio in an existing space. 

Low investment, high returns, recurring revenue. 

Business concepts

Stay flexible, succeed without a studio. Mobile training at home / pop up locations, easy to build clientele. 

Business concepts

Larger studio, larger investment, larger ROI. Deliver a premium ticket EMS class timetable alongside EMS Personal Training. 

3. Choose your Technology

xbody pro new best ems device

Progressive, profitable, professional.

The XBODY PRO is a powerful, versatile device, which offers flexible treatment and training solutions to suit different business models.

XBODY PRO Features:

 6 people training simultanesouly

 Wireless training – WIFI comms

 Virtual Trainer function included

 HDMI connection to TVs and Projectors

 15 hours battery life

Systems (5).png
xbody go portable ems at home outdoors

Your solution for EMS training on the GO.

XBody GO is a tablet device that can be used freely and conveniently anywhere with up to two clients training simultaneously. It is ideal for Personal Trainers wanting to enter the EMS Market or for individuals wanting the luxury of having their own EMS device at home.

XBODY GO Features:

 2 people training simultaneously

 Wireless training – WIFI comms

 Virtual Trainer function – optional extra

 Available for home fitness

 Low cost of implementation

features of xbody go

+NEW: XBODY DryTech, an optional extra compatible with all devices.

drytech ems training no watering
benefits of drytech xbody emsworks

4. Open your studio with XBODY Global Support

Professional, Progressive, Profitable

Over the years we have collected the experience from more than 2000 studios around the world to discover what works and what doesn’t. We share all this knowledge for free with our studio partners to help them succeed.

acticare 360 by ems works xbody uk business support fitness

Acticare 360°

With ActiCare 360°, we help your business with ready-to-use marketing materials, educational videos and practical guides with real-life examples on how to build a successful EMS studio.

We provide training, education and guides on every significant milestone of starting and running an EMS studio. From the preparation phase and the grand opening, to how to get your first 100 clients and how to run your studio effectively.

ems trainer institute logo best training ems qualification

EMS Trainer Qualification with The EMS Institute

EMS Trainer Qualification requires a Level 2 or above PT qualification or relative Sports Science background. UK training is delivered in Surrey, in association with XBody's global partners, delivered by XBody Master Trainers. 

Training can also be organised at your location. The cost of the course for each individual is £450. Group discount can be applied for larger organisations / teams. 

Marketing support, Best practices

We provide business and ROI calculations, best practices and know-how on how to open and run a studio. Ready-to-use marketing materials, high-quality pictures and videos and even comprehensive training on how to use the EMS technology most effectively, so you can learn from years of experience even if you are just starting in this industry.

xbody global support best ems device 2022

Studio Design Guide & more

Opening an EMS studio will no longer be a guess-work. We collected the data, we earned the experience, and we share all of our knowledge with our partners.





EMS WORKS BUSINESS ZONE - The all-in-one marketing education platform, click here to preview. 

xbody ems works around the world

StudiON for Multiple Location Management

XBody’s StudiOn software makes multiple location and franchise management possible. It was perfected based on 2500 studio experiences around the globe. 

Some of the features: client session counter, sales, online booking system, client motivation system, client progress tracking with Facebook sharing and many more features. 

The perfect solution to manage your operation without challenges from anywhere via internet connection. Location is only a word, not a meaning anymore within management.


Book a 1:1 business consultation with our UK team

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