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XBody for Business

Historic innovator and market leader. With research, development and manufacturing all happening in-house at XBody World, Gyor, Hungary. Pioneers of wireless EMS, small-group EMS and devices that pack down into a backpackNow, pioneers of dry EMS training too. 

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We meet ISO 13485:2012, 93/42 EEC Compliance and EN ISO 9001:2015

UK Service Centre

A UK service centre means fast turnaround for repairs, with no expiry on repair, keeping your business in operation. We understand that your technology is your business and your income and we don’t mess around. 

Designed for Business

XBODY design with you, the business owner in mind


Innovations in suit design make prepping for a session faster, meaning you’re not wasting any unnecessary time suiting up clients before a session. 


Additionally, new DryTech suits don’t require watering before a session. This saves minutes every time, hours every week and days every year; making your business even more time-efficient and profitable.

xbody uk service centre ems training
xbody designed for business fast shipping

XBody vs. Competitors

Make sure you ask these questions before you buy any EMS system. Every item here is essential to your success. If you’ve been considering purchasing an EMS device from a manufacturer who doesn’t offer all of these elements, your business may be in jeopardy soon after opening. 

Do you have a UK service centre and offer unlimited repairs?

Can I cast the virtual trainer to a big screen for group training?

Do you have a dry training solution? Is it cost effective for my clients?

Do your suits have a modular design?

How long have you been on the market?

Can I customise impulses once the EMS programme has started / pause the session?

Is your devices internal wireless connection over in-built WiFi?

Can I customise impulses once the EMS programme has started, without stopping the session?

Does your device have relax mode?


Leave your details and we'll be in touch to schedule a meeting;

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