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The state of the art technology that’s perfect for gym bunnies who love a hard workout!

In my opinion, the feeling of EMS Training is indescribable, so you’re just going to have to experience it for yourself. What is fair to say is that if you love that ‘pump’ and proper burn from a tough session like I do, then this hits all the spots and more. Here’s how I fell in love with EMS training and why I believe all fellow gym bunnies should try it too!


Having been passionate about fitness and training for the whole of my 20s, I wanted to share my knowledge and motivation with others by empowering people to fall in love with training too and create the best version of themselves they could be.

Whilst studying for my interior design degree in 2019, I discovered a new way of training called Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) from a friend who was a trainer in Dubai and London. The concept took off in Dubai and she became part of a hugely successful team of instructors who trained clients with EMS at home, in studios, inside of gyms and in corporate spaces.

My friend took me to my first EMS session and introduced me to the potential of this truly 21st century style of training. I began to understand not only the physical benefits, but also the highly lucrative business opportunity that was opening up here in the UK. Although EMS had already taken off in countries like Germany and Dubai, this new way of training was only just starting off back at home.

My first training session left me blown away. The whole experience was so exciting. The feeling is not like anything you can explain without actually experiencing it for yourself. It was certainly fair to say though, that if you love that ‘pump’ and proper burn from a tough session then this hits all the spots and more. I was ‘sold’ straight away! I felt myself training harder in just 20 mins with the EMS bodysuit on, than I usually do in over 1 hour at the gym. The effectiveness of EMS Training was later proven by the results I saw in myself physically around 4 weeks after starting my 2 x 20 minutes per week programme.

It was around that 4 week mark that I saw the potential for an exciting business opportunity for myself too because setting up in my own small studio from home was all the space I would need to deliver EMS to hundreds of clients per week. I didn’t even need lots of extra training equipment such as weights, as the electrical impulses create strength training on their own. The range of potential clientele I could deliver to was vast. From professional athletes and those at peak performance all the way through to those with back pain or injury. I was utterly inspired.

I started to research suppliers of EMS technologies in the UK and found EMS Works. Soon after, I received first hand training from Sofie, our XBody Master Trainer who rapidly grew my confidence in using the equipment and training future clients. The XBody technology came out on top for me because I would be able to train clients wirelessly and therefore be unrestricted. XBody were also in the process of bringing out a portable tablet version of the usual free standing device. With this, I could train clients literally anywhere, inside or out, with a system that fits neatly into a sleek backpack. I felt fully informed, supported and confident in my early days thanks to the friendly and personable nature of the EMS Works Team.

My work now gives me flexibility, a much healthier income, a variety of challenges through training all sorts of clientele and an exciting business using state of the art science and technology. It’s changed the way I train myself and my clients and I am able to achieve better results faster. The 20 minute training session is perfect for me as I am able to train more clients than I would be able to with standard Personal Training and it’s also a benefit for most of my clients who struggle to find the time to train and/or don’t enjoy training for long!

A success story which continues to inspire me to deliver EMS is that of Theis Husfeldt. Theis was a Physiotherapist who also played professional handball out in Denmark for over 20 years, playing in over 700 division matches during his sporting career. As a result, he had a lot of injuries, especially in his back. During his last two years in sport, the pain became chronic and eventually led to the end of his handball career.

Naturally as a Physiotherapist, he tried every kind of therapy that was available to him to fix the problem, yet couldn’t find a solution that would ease his pain. The saddest part was, he couldn’t even carry his young son for more than a few steps. He was left in agony and it was seriously affecting his mental health too.

At that time, Theis came across EMS and soon after undertaking consistent training his back pain eased significantly. He no longer had to take the pills he was on for his back pain. Theis had a strong body before, training up to 4 or 5 times per week in the gym, but after training with EMS he still felt a significant increase in his strength, especially in his core.

Theis has now trained consistently with EMS for 3 years and no longer suffers at all with his back. This is more than just a training solution, it’s a treatment and it can and is improving quality of life for so many people around the globe who experience chronic pain and physiological problems.

That’s why both me and Theis recommend EMS to everyone we meet. It has helped us both (but especially Theis) so much. He is happier now, healthier and pain free and that is priceless.

I encourage all fitness freaks, curious PTs and gym bunnies to try EMS training to see the many benefits I did, both for themselves and for their current or future clients. This is the future of training and I’m so excited to be one of the first trainers in the UK jumping on this opportunity. We’re a friendly team here at EMS Works. Get in touch and try EMS for yourself today!

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