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XBody EMS Training Provides Solutions for Fitness Studios Without Franchise Fees

As fitness studio owners face rising costs, shrinking margins, and retention challenges, XBody offers an innovative EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) training solution with no franchise fees required. This helps studios attract and retain more members while avoiding the high cost barriers of popular training equipment packages and franchises.


Many fitness studios struggle with slim profit margins and lack of client diversity. Group fitness classes appeal to some members but intimidate others. Equipment costs are prohibitively expensive for smaller gyms but necessary for retaining members. Franchise models for trendy programs like TRX, SoulCycle, and more require huge sums that pose financial risk.

XBody’s EMS fitness experiences address these pain points for studios. A system costs a fraction compared to extensive equipment outfitting yet offers diverse training options. The 20-minute full body EMS workouts draw interest from all demographics due to time-efficiency and the low impact nature. No equipment or skill is required, accommodating deconditioned individuals as well as athletes.

Small group and personal training sessions allow studios to maximise their space and offerings. XBody’s award-winning EMS technology goes beyond traditional options with wireless, dry and group capabilities. This stimulates and sculpts muscles for accelerated results not possible through traditional exercise alone.

Pippa Turley, Director of XBody UK, said “We equip studios to be competitive with big box gyms at a fraction of the investment. EMS offers intense workouts for people at all fitness levels at your studio.”

With XBody, studios can skip the restrictive and expensive franchise model and provide unmatched value to clients. Training support and a U.K. service centre enable reliable EMS program integration. Attract new demographics, improve retention, and see your studio thrive in ways impossible before EMS.


XBody enables studios to solve many pain points with EMS at a low investment cost with no added franchise fees. Learn more about profitably outfitting your gym and get ahead of growing EMS demand at

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