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“Progressive, Profitable, Professional” - Why current EMS Studio Owners choose XBody

Earlier in the year, we visited XBody studios across the UK to catch up with the owners, talk EMS business strategy and ask key questions to figure out what features of XBody EMS Systems are loved best by our nation of instructors.


If you’re seeking answers to deep and important questions in order to make sure you select the best EMS device to support your business, then keep reading. We caught up with current EMS business owners to get YOU the answers you are searching for, right from the horse's mouth.

We asked:

Why XBody?

What exact features support you as a business owner AND as a PT?

Is EMS a profitable business opportunity right now?

Explore the videos below to discover five very successful, yet, completely different EMS business concepts from at-home studios to high street operations.

Light Touch Clinic is a multi award winning cosmetic skin clinic, bringing a 5* experience to Surrey. Light Touch launched their Dr Go Figure programme; combining Emerald Laser and XBody EMS Training. It provides an alternative and hyper effective fat loss programme without the adverse side effects of surgical and other weight loss procedures.

Treatments by Joanna is a private Surrey clinic focused on making clients look and feel better through health and body treatments. Joanna offers Cryotherapy, EMS Training, Lymphatic Massage, LED Light Therapy, Arosha and more.

EXERCEO, a pioneering EMS studio chain in Central London was founded by three hard working professionals who could never find time to work out. With continued research into new applications for EMS technology, Exerceo is looking to pave the way in the EMS revolution in London and beyond.

EMS Elite is a brand new, sleek and modern EMS microstudio in Walton on Thames. The designer feel offers an exclusive, elite EMS Training experience, where the worlds’ most effective and efficient full body workout can be enjoyed alone or with friends.

Rebecca Horner is a highly experienced Personal Trainer who today specialises in Barre, Pilates and EMS. Rebecca delivers mobile EMS training, arriving at clients houses with just her XBody GO and suit to deliver a highly effective full body workout.

Ready to start your own EMS journey? Get in touch.

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