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How to start an EMS Business in the best way in 2022

The global EMS market is set to grow by 51% over the next decade. (Allied Market Research, 2021) Here’s how to effectively capitalise on this fitness mega-trend, no matter your budget, location or experience level.



As an Investor or Fitness Professional, there are significant variables at play when it comes to starting an EMS Business.

Ready-built EMS Business Concepts are designed to simplify the process and maximise profit, all based on the experience and knowledge of over 5000 global studios.

Before we begin to evaluate the best business concept for your budget and location, calculate your projected income as an EMS studio using the tool below:


(Play around with your session price, group size and opening hours to get a preview of your future income as an EMS studio.Click 'CALCULATE' at the bottom of the table to update total values)


A key variable for any new EMS business is investment capital. If you’re starting with good financial backing, then a high street location offering group EMS training is going to be your most profitable business model.

Thankfully, even group EMS Training is exceedingly space-efficient. A group training studio for 6 people with a side room for Personal Training only requires a space of 50m2. The footfall and exposure of a high-street location is unquestionably powerful.

Starting with lower capital, taking advantage of fully portable EMS technology allows you to take your studio on the road for private training visits or corporate contracts, removing the need for premises overheads. No additional weights or equipment are required during EMS training, making it very practical.

1:1 or 1:2 EMS can be delivered in a space as little as 3m2, so a pop-up style studio in an already established wellness destination could provide an excellent opportunity.

The next variable is location. Across the UK, opportunities lie in almost every town and city for leisure based businesses to convert and occupy empty retail spaces. Rent and business rates greatly differ according to postcode, however the lifestyle and daily routines of your potential customers does not.


While many people still commute to the city or business district for work every day, more and more individuals are working from home, at least for a portion of the week. This is a post-pandemic shift that can greatly affect health and leisure businesses.

Deciding whether you’re going to be an ‘evening / weekend wellbeing ritual’ vs. ‘a before work / lunch time / after work commitment’ is a key decision for any new EMS business. This will affect your choice of location, marketing and opening hours.

Before opening your studio, it’s more important than ever to complete intensive market research in your chosen area in addition to building an adaptable, dynamic business plan, responding quickly to real-time data.

Finally, your personal level of experience in business and/or fitness is the final variable; as well as your likes and interests when it comes to operating within the business or from a management perspective.

If you’re an investor/entrepreneur, then perhaps you’ll be looking to recruit Personal Trainers to run your new studio or if you’re a Personal Trainer, perhaps you’ll be looking for support with business management, or learning these principles from scratch.

In conclusion, the best way to start an EMS business in 2022 differs for every person. It is most important to work with a reliable and adaptable technology like XBody with over 10 years experience as a global market leader, who also offer 360° business support for every new studio owner.

XBody can help with business plans, in depth ROI calculations, cash flow forecasting, recruitment, design, operations and marketing.

Get in touch to begin.


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