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“EMS leaves you... flying!”

From injured Heathrow Airport employee to passionate EMS Instructor; here’s why I chose to make this powerful training solution my livelihood.


It was a standard day at ‘the office’, I was surrounded by colleagues of mine who were complaining about aches and pains in their bodies. We did a physical job and I too had faced difficulties with my knee and wider body problems due to long hours and physical work.

Unbeknown to my colleagues, I’d been undertaking EMS training sessions with Sofie Husfeldt in her home for a couple of months at this point and at that exact moment in the conversation, I realised that my usual pain had dissipated. I no longer needed to complain with my colleagues, I was fixed!

Sofie had told me that the 2 x 20 minute training sessions I’d been completing with her would improve my posture, activate muscles which I didn’t usually use and remove the pain I was feeling in a relatively short period of time. She told me that it was all down to the person but I could expect to feel results within just a few sessions.

Before this, I’d already noticed my body toning up. I had very weak glutes and I could both see and feel them strengthening. I’d been loving the training itself too. I wouldn’t say I was skeptical when I started training with Sofie, but her statements were bold and I couldn’t help but wonder if 2 x 20 minute sessions per week could actually remove my pain entirely. Turns out it could and she was right.

At this exact moment, I fell in love with EMS training. I felt better than I had done in years and could manage the extreme working environment which had previously caused me great pain and suffering. Nonetheless, I wasn’t hanging around. I decided to harness my passion and become an EMS instructor myself.

When compared to other training I had done in the past, EMS was great for many reasons. First of all, the Xbody technology that Sofie used was incredible. The suit was comfortable and the wireless options very practical. The training she delivered was time efficient and because sessions were led by an instructor, you knew you were giving the best of the best to your body. Training filled me with joyful energy, I felt like I was flying after sessions and that kept me hooked.

After qualifying as an instructor, I continued to be mind-blown by what EMS training could achieve. As any health enthusiast or professional knows, nutrition also plays a huge part in achieving lasting transformations. This scared me, because I couldn’t guarantee that my clients would eat the right things at home. Despite my concern, my clients continually achieved their desired weight loss goals after completing 2 x 20 minutes of EMS training sessions per week over a matter of months.

One particular client story always stays in my mind. This was a gentleman who worked in construction and suffered a great deal of personal and work related injuries across his body, but particularly in his right arm, which was coming close to preventing him from working or enjoying his life at all.

We began training together with the maximum training/treatment of 2 x 20 minutes per week where we focused on his whole body, paying particular attention to his top body. His pain decreased significantly in just a few sessions. After 2 months, my client was able to fully use his arm again and the injury was repaired.

EMS offers a vast array of benefits for people aged 18-80, who are able to undertake exercise. It’s great for people who require assisted mobility too, like wheelchair users or those with chronic joint problems because no additional weight is required to build strength during training. This is what sets EMS apart in my opinion.

It’s great for targeting really specific areas in the body too, like tightening the abdominals after birth. Even the deeper lady muscles are targeted, which can contribute to better sexual health overall. EMS’s unique ability to target all 12 major muscle groups as well as the deep muscles which can easily be left out, is extraordinary. I haven’t come across anything which can target the deep muscles as well as the surface muscles so effectively.

Despite how skeptical the British public can sometimes be, EMS is an up and coming training concept nationwide. Microstudios are popping up in towns and EMS is becoming more widely available through therapists and instructors alike who made the decision to enhance their services and client results.

People always ask me about ‘the Sixpad that Ronaldo uses to get his six pack’; and I wanted to clear a few things up before I conclude. Ronaldo is a professional athlete and uses a diverse range of specialist training styles to keep his body in peak physical condition, not just his Sixpad… but he made a great choice incorporating EMS into his training.

What I offer as an XBody instructor is a programme designed specifically for the individual rather than a one size fits all solution. The XBody technology works across the full body which really sets it apart from the likes of Sixpad. Additionally, the technology allows for maximum customisation to keep training hyper-focused on the individual needs of a user.

EMS is used by more professional sports teams and personalities across Europe. Bayern Munich train with EMS, Karim Benzema of Real Madrid, as does Wladimir Klitchko and Robert Levandowski. From maintaining and even building muscle mass during injury rehab, to super-charged dynamic strength building all year round, EMS is a superb choice.

Get in touch with me anytime and I’ll tell you more about EMS and how it can help you personally! If you aren’t local to Weybridge, then I’ll help connect you with your local EMS instructor!

Promise me one thing, make sure you try it soon.

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