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EMS; “It sells itself”...

XBody Cheshire duo operating across 2 locations are seeing fast growth despite a lack of local awareness.


Chatting with Tatiana Hough, founder of XBody Cheshire, it’s clear to see that a gap in the market existed to launch the first EMS studios in the region powered by XBody’s award winning whole-body technology.

A home studio run by Tatiana focuses on Mum’s who want to lose the baby belly in a comfortable and private environment, whilst a spot directly on the gym floor at The Drop Zone, Gracie Barra, with Graeme Finneran is attracting key figures from across the Cheshire fitness scene to the powerful world of EMS training.

With 2 locations, 2 markets and 1 powerful business concept, XBody Cheshire are showcasing the diverse applications and accelerated results possible with EMS. XBody’s system allows full flexibility of delivery, with customisable programmes and portability ticking all the right boxes for the modern day fitness professional.


Following in the steps of multi-studio owner and XBody Master Trainer Sofie Husfeldt, the Cheshire team are discovering just how profitable and ingenious a multi-location EMS business can be. Offering the right training in the right environment to welcome more and more people to train in the way that they want too.

When asked about how she’d achieved so much success without even opening officially, Tatiana said “one person tried it and then told all of her friends about it and now I’ve got a busy calendar and I haven’t even finished decorating my studio yet. To be honest, it sells itself and we have more and people want to try it everyday.”

Despite a lack of local awareness, once again, EMS training has catapulted into popularity, serving the needs of the people with shorter training sessions, accelerated results and professionally-led training.

To book a session and claim your special introductory offer with Tatiana or Graeme over in Cheshire, connect with them on Instagram or Facebook.

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