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“Why I chose XBody” A collection of responses from all of our UK EMS Instructors / Studio Owners

The most important points of view come from people who actually use the products. So, we asked 30 UK studio owners to state the reasons why they chose XBody to supply the EMS equipment for their studios up and down the country.


Here are the reponses:

Quick body transformation

Less time working out with better results

Amazing support from XBody

Fitter now than ever using just 2 x 20 minutes per week

XBody GO

Distributor in the UK - English speaking & training directly

Best EMS technology in the world

Reliable wireless connection for training

Light weight to be carried for home trainings

Next up, we asked the reasons why they would recommend XBody equipment to a friend.

Here are those responses:

Improve fitness, reach high level without injuries

20 minutes equals 2 hours at the gym

Amazing results - best way to tone body

UK contact centre

Different types of equipment to suit different types of studio

The best compared to competitors

Easy to use on both yourself and others

Futuristic, sleek design

Thank you to our network of instructors who got involved in this survey. We talk a lot about the benefits of XBody as an equipment manufacturer and distributor here but it’s so important to be collating and sharing the opinions of those on the front lines, actually using the equipment day in day out with clients.

EMS businesses rely heavily on the outstanding performance of equipment, from the suit's durability, to the stability of the wireless connection, to the ease of cleaning in between clients in order to wow their paying customers every single time.

Reliability is a key factor and it’s clear from the positive feedback of these 30 UK studios and over 5000 global studios, that XBody is a market leader.

Curious to learn more about the benefits and applications of EMS and how simple it is to integrate the training solution within your existing fitness business? Get in touch for a casual chat and to arrange a showcase at your location.

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