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The Surge; EMS Training in the UK - Market Report

With studio membership and attendance figures at a record high, the demand for EMS across the UK and Ireland is unquestionably growing. At XBody, we supply the demand for new studios and equipment, so with our finger truly on the pulse, here’s our rundown of this key industry sector in 2021.


XBody’s dream of a world with EMS studios on every street corner isn’t too far away if considered geographically. This is living reality right now for cities like Munich and Copenhagen. Here in the UK however, just across the channel, EMS training is still considered a new concept. This article discusses why a significant mainland to UK split is present and what’s predicted for the future of the market.

Every week, new EMS studios are being opened in towns and cities up and down the country. London, Surrey and the surrounding boroughs of the South East host the greatest density of studios of any region. To the North, no studios even exist yet in the likes of Leeds and Newcastle.

In areas where EMS has risen to fame, success has been due to local awareness and attractive introductory offers which get as many people as possible trying on the body suit and undertaking an electrical enhanced training session. It’s after experiencing the unique, intense, challenging but fun 20-minute workout, that almost every person gets hooked and splurges the cash on long-term memberships.

Thanks to low running costs and space efficiency, EMS studios are a very attractive investment proposition for local entrepreneurs who can access property in town or city locations. This way, busy professionals can take advantage of short training times and enhanced results on their way to or from the office throughout the day. London studio chain EXERCEO have capitalised on this across 3 key city locations in Belgravia, Monument and Blackfriars.

In addition, the rise of home EMS studios, led by individuals with lower investment capital at the start, offer even lower running costs with huge benefits to a diverse range of clients who don’t go to the gym, don’t want to workout in front of others, or seek the private, 1:1 environment that a home studio can offer.

With much of the UK market still untapped, the EMS sector offers cumulative growth, a dedicated member base, world-class business support from an international community, and untouched territory. When we consider the growth of the EMS sector in Germany over the past 5 years, the UK is currently in a similar position to Germany at the start of that disruptive upwards curve where EMS became a household name, available at multiple locations in every single town and city.

In the German market, a domino effect of supply and demand circulated the country as members experienced time efficient training and enhanced results in a personalised and safe way. In the next 5 years, EMS will have transformed UK fitness in the same way, helping the inactive to commit to a training style that serves them, helping professional athletes to get the edge in their performance and helping health focused individuals to locate and heal imbalances and build strength without spending hours in the gym.

XBody UK’s marketing team are in discussion with investors, health club owners and industry professionals every single day about what EMS can do in terms of results and revenue for fitness communities. Here’s their rundown on what we can expect as a nation in the coming years as EMS hits headlines and replaces outdated fitness routines with something much more exciting.

“The power of EMS training is indisputable and within every faction of the health and fitness industry it has a place and an application. Looking at countries like Germany, Denmark and France, and the growth they’ve seen there over the last 5 years, we would argue that we are just about to hit the same upwards curve here in the UK.” “Awareness is growing and on a B2C studio level, our instructors have never been busier. It’s this word of mouth marketing that is the most powerful for any new technology or product. Last month alone, we opened about 4 new studios powered by XBody equipment on UK soil and that’s all to supply a growing demand.” “When people try EMS training, they fall in love and that’s the way we want to grow now. We want to invite as many people as possible to try on the sci-fi body suit and experience the future of fitness training led by a professional, qualified instructor. It’s exciting times for us at XBody, make sure to keep an eye out for studios opening near you.”

Are you an investor or entrepreneur looking to branch into the fitness industry of the future? Speak to the XBody UK team about the most profitable and prolific route forward in your area, today.

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