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Stop killing fat cells; Why a holistic approach to weight loss is better, with Light Touch Clinic

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

We spoke to Surrey based skin clinic Light Touch about their powerful GoFigure programme that has been achieving groundbreaking results in weight loss and body shaping with male and female clients.


Unlike traditional health plans, Dr. GoFigure! combines diet and exercise with fat reducing technologies and, crucially, an education in mindset. Its 9-component plan attacks weight loss from every angle, welcoming individuals into a community that celebrates achievement and offers support when things get challenging.

GoFigure is a 10 week programme that combines 3D Body Composition Scanning, personalised Nutrition Guidance, the Lumen Metabolic Tracker, Emerald Laser, Lymphatic Drainage, Electric Muscle Stimulation Training, accountability and of course, mindset.


GoFigure offers the complete opposite to a quick fix fat / weight loss solution, where 9 times out of 10 weight is just put back on because steps are not taken to alter an individual's lifestyle or mindset surrounding their own health and wellness. This makes it a sustainable, long-term weight loss solution.

By using Emerald Laser to extract water from fat cells, followed by lymphatic massage to process this water out of the body and eliminate toxins, the body is treated in a kinder way than simply killing off fat cells. Then, by adding high-intensity EMS Training to promote muscle growth and joint mobility, excellent results have been achieved.

Movement is vital in any wellness journey, and EMS offers a complete body workout in just 20 minutes, with electrical impulses adding a high amount of resistance to 12 major muscle groups. A short EMS session is equivalent to conventional training in a gym where a whole body workout would take at least 90 minutes to complete. EMS also offers specific benefits to postnatal women in rebuilding the abdominal wall and strengthening the pelvic flaw.


Satisfaction amongst existing clients at Light Touch has been high due to excellent results. Out of the 20 pioneering members of the GoFigure programme so far, a total of 5 have renewed their subscriptions again to complete another 10 week programme.

David, a client who signed up for the programme for a second time said “The EMS system has been a game changer for me. I used to occasionally block time to get to the gym. But having twice a week, local, supervised and focussed EMS sessions has been tremendous. The result has been more energy, strength and flexibility to enjoy life and reach a level of fitness I haven’t experienced in 20 years. I intend to keep going and build for the future!”

To learn more about incorporating EMS into a weight loss / body shaping programme at your clinic, book a 1:1 Business Consultation with our UK team.

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