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Small group EMS training? XBody’s XBeat has nailed it

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

XBody’s group-training technology has led to hyper-successful membership studios on the continent. Here are the main factors which have led XBeat to huge success.


Across France, Austria, Hungary and Germany, XBeat is one of the most prominent EMS group trainings on the market. Groups of 6 people are able to train wirelessly in a personalised, customisable way, with fast turnarounds between classes made possible by a well-thought-out suit design.

The ergonomics of XBody’s system enables the group training experience to remain completely personal. Alongside group synchronisation, full customisation of impulse parameters is possible for each participant.

Additionally, a big-screen virtual trainer is available to deliver the class programme, freeing up the instructor for person-specific movement optimisation and impulse control.


Delivering classes for cardio and strength every day since 2014, XBeat Tirol’s monthly membership model creates a high energy, varied and fun programme of small group EMS. With members training once or twice every week, XBeat Tirol are going from strength to strength, running 2 locations in Innsbruck city and 2 more in surrounding areas.

Current members love XBeat because it delivers a fun, small group experience in a specially designed studio with a futuristic and motivating light and music concept. The training is energising, fast paced and results driven, and it’s creating an unmatchable buzz in the fitness world.

Thomas Kichmair, owner of XBeat Tirol highlighted his favourite aspects of XBody’s small group concept:

“I think it's great that XBody doesn't work with Bluetooth here, but with a network connection. The ingenious thing about XBEAT is the combination between control / screen / music & light which makes every training an experience.”

“At my studios, my wife can choose from personal training or XBeat group training as we deliver both, and she prefers to go to XBeat.”


Alongside the launch of the XBeat group training concept, XBody also designed and launched a new modular ‘Beat’ suit allowing customers to easily and quickly self suit before and after training. This, alongside a 20 litre studio spraying station, which remains ready for action all day, reduces turnarounds between sessions and maximises studio ROI.


Fabricated with 3D textiles that stretch in all directions, the anatomically shaped, lightweight suit design also allows for maximum freedom of movement and functionality, making training comfortable for all body shapes.


With ticks in all of the right boxes, a suit design that leaves nothing to be desired and a concept that is fun and exhilarating, it’s clear that XBody’s XBeat group EMS training is adding yet another offering in the growing world of Electric Muscle Stimulation.

With extremely high income potential made possible by personalised, premium rate classes of up to 6 people and fast session turnarounds, it’s clear why XBeat is a top choice for operators entering the small-group EMS market.


If you’re an existing EMS operator looking to upgrade to XBeat, or curious to simply try group EMS training for the first time, get in touch.

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