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Longevity Through EMS

Dublin-based High-Performance Athletics Coach and XBody instructor Gabriella talks about beating the skeptics and raising the profile of EMS in Ireland.


The biggest challenge that Gabriella faced upon opening her studio in Dublin was changing the opinion of the general public surrounding EMS training.

As time went on, more and more people undertook a session with her. When they got to feel for the first time the powerful EMS impulses during a whole body workout, her greatest skeptics then became her most loyal customers.

Gabriella was visited by a 78 year old woman who had previously undergone chemotherapy and was seeking a low impact way to bring life back to her body. The lady began to train regularly and increased her strength and range of movement whilst reducing stiffness and pain.

Despite her age and presumably traditional view of health and rehabilitation, she accepted that futuristic, high-tech yet low-impact EMS could hold the answer. It was in fact her 42 year old son who was skeptical and had shrugged off EMS from the word go.

So, in total secrecy one summer afternoon, his mother booked and paid for an EMS session for him and what happened next completely validates the argument of every XBody instructor; that you just have to try EMS for yourself before drawing conclusions.

During his first session Rob, an actor from Dublin, quickly shifted his opinion about EMS as he began the slow and controlled strength exercises whilst receiving electrical impulses in all of his major muscle groups.

He entered the session with the belief that EMS was just a fad and a quick fix solution that certainly couldn’t help his mother to build strength, and he left, converted, feeling that lactic acid build up and wiping the sweat from his brow.

In her private business, Gabriella focuses most of her work on injury rehabilitation. Helping once strong, active people to recover from surgery, accidents and other immobilities that they may face.

With 1 to 2 EMS sessions per week and Gabriella’s professional help, her clients are rebuilding muscular strength, rebalancing the body and reducing their pain without placing any additional pressure from weights or equipment on their bones and joints.

On top of her mobile studio work, Gabriella is a high performance para-athletics coach and often integrates EMS into training her athletes too.

Gabriella believes that EMS is a key tool in preventing pain in old age and offers a uniquely safe yet effective training style which promotes musculoskeletal longevity with absolutely no additional weight or pressure applied to joints or bones.

This allows EMS instructors to serve groups of people who previously couldn’t undertake strenuous, muscle building activities, or perhaps couldn’t bare weight on a particular limb therefore struggled to give their muscle fibres the activation they needed in order to balance the body.

EMS could hold the key for people who require a results driven solution to building muscular strength without over exerting the joints or bones. In order to book a session with Gabriella in Dublin, no matter your age or mobility, visit ‘find an instructor’.

Not in Dublin? Use our ‘find an instructor’ tool to locate your nearest studio.

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