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How To Incorporate EMS Training Into Your PT Sessions

What is EMS Training & How does it work for clients?

EMS training stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation, in order to add this into a personal training session, you would add a suit worn over light clothes. This EMS suit is fitted with electrodes that are situated around major muscle groups, the aim is to target your muscle as you start to exercise causing them to contract. Using EMS training for your personal training clients will cause tiny pulses of electricity to their muscles, this aims to mimic the body's natural muscle contractions to elevate the training level.

This can be beneficial to your clients during a PT session, as you can intensify the workout 2-3 times more than the normal impact from a workout. In turn, this can help aid faster results for the client when focusing on weight loss and toning. Understanding EMS training as a personal trainer will provide you with a USP against others in the health and fitness industry and create a competitive advantage to your personal trainer marketing.


How Will EMS Help Your PT Sessions?

EMS training will help enhance and intensify your personal training sessions, giving you the ability to provide quick fire effective pt sessions that are sure to make an impact on your client's results. Having EMS training as an option for your clients may open up more client opportunities for individuals who don’t have the time to invest 2-3 hours of exercise in a week. If you are able to offer a shorter session that you know will still have an impact on the client's results, this creates a more sustainable solution for your clients and therefore boosts your personal training business.

Another great benefit to including EMS training in your personal training sessions is the fact this is a relatively new market for personal trainers, as its previously been used in physical therapy for years. This being said if you start to involve EMS training whilst it's a new up and coming training method, this will put you in a strong position within the personal training market in a few years time, as you gain expertise and knowledge in a new field.

This style of training is also suitable for a wide age variety which will open up your target market, it can be between 18-80+ years old. EMS training can be adapted depending on the client which can make it more suitable than strength training in some instances. As individuals get older or their bodies change we naturally lose muscle mass, EMS training is a good way to maintain muscle mass and build strength to help posture and reduce injury risks.


How to start adding EMS training into your PT sessions?

In order to start adding EMS into your personal training sessions, you would need to complete an EMS instructor course which would qualify you to deliver EMS training and become insured for it. Pippa Turley as a master trainer delivers this training. The training usually takes over 2 days, once completed as a personal trainer you are qualified to provide EMS training within your PT sessions.

As a personal trainer, you may already have an effective way of structuring your clients personal training sessions, however, once you can start offering EMS training it might be worth revisiting this by following the below steps.

1. Reach out to all current clients

Now that you are qualified in a new and exciting area of personal training, you should shout about it to your clients. By raising awareness of what you can offer, it may result in some current clients changing out their hour pt session to 20-30 minutes, this will provide you with more time in your working day to have scheduled in more clients to increase your earning potential.

As this is something new you are offering, you would need to start building a brand reputation that includes EMS as well, to do this you need clients who are using this in their pt sessions. A good way to market this to current clients is by highlighting the benefits of EMS training such as time-saving, intensified workouts and improved muscle maintenance. To incentivise them to sign up you should offer a deal such as the first 2 sessions 25% off, this will encourage clients to want to sign up for a new training style. Something that works incredibly well for existing instructors across the UK is offering 3 sessions for £50 before signing clients up to a 10 session package for £300.

2. Market your new service

Once you are qualified to provide EMS training, you should use your social media channels to market your personal training business and what you offer. EMS training is considered relatively new, so take the time to educate your followers on what EMS training is, the key benefits and why you decided to qualify in this. This is a good way to market your new business USP, whilst also raising awareness of EMS training and why individuals should consider trying it.

3. Add it into your PT sessions

EMS training is really flexible with the ability to incorporate this into many different exercise routines. As a personal trainer you will already be aware of current clients capabilities, with this in mind you should try to incorporate their current training style to involve the EMS system. When planning out your pt sessions with EMS, be sure to remember it intensifies workouts so consider reducing reps or minute count but ensure they are still getting a good sweat from their workout.

4. Ask for feedback

Feedback is really important in order to become a successful personal trainer and EMS trainer, after each session, take 5 minutes to have a discussion with your client and ask them the below questions.

  • How did they find the workout?

  • Is there anything they would change?

  • Do they prefer this styled training to previous?

  • Would they recommend this training to somebody else?

At this stage take away the feedback you have received and work on adapting and tailoring your EMS training to meet the needs of the clients. When you receive positive feedback be sure to share this on your social media channels to showcase your EMS training service. After all, word of mouth and opinions share a huge part in building successful pt client bases.



In conclusion, EMS training is a relatively new and exciting training style that is on an increase, investing in yourself as a personal trainer and learning is beneficial to your personal training business. This can provide new opportunities to build a client base, create a USP in the industry and encourage great client results.

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