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How EMS Helped Me Become A Better Athlete

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

As a triathlete, Electric Muscle Stimulation training helped me to eliminate pain whilst racing. Later, I went on to train as an EMS instructor, so convinced of its power and application and have since been helping others discover the huge benefits that EMS has to offer too.


My name is Pippa Turley. I’m a 56 year old mum of three kids and an Age-Group Triathlete, formerly for New Zealand and recently for Great Britain. For the last 6 years, I have been competing in the sprint distance triathlon that involves a 750m open water swim, a 20km bike ride and finishing with a 5km run – it is an endurance sport, but at this distance it is raced at a high intensity.

I have been competing at international age-group level for 10 years now, but about 2 years ago I started to get lower backache whilst on the bike. It was particularly bad when either out for a long training ride or if pushing it hard in a race. It would lead to sciatica down my right leg, hence compromising my run off the bike and I did not feel I could perform anywhere near my best. I spent a lot of money with specialist bike fitting experts and physiotherapists trying to sort the problem out.

In January 2019 I discovered whole-body EMS training. I decided to add the maximum of 2 x 20 minutes a week of EMS training to my training schedule. In just a few sessions, I began to feel stronger, particularly in my cycling and running and especially when hitting the hills. I felt I became more balanced as a runner and my core was getting stronger. The EMS training was safely and effectively activating all of my major muscles groups, even the ones that I know never fired up so well, such as my glutes.

From January that year, my goal had been to get race fit again for the World Championship qualifiers in Cardiff. When race day came, I raced well and managed to finish 2nd in my age group, once again securing my place in the Great Britain team. The best thing of all was, to my absolute delight, there’d been no back ache or sciatica down my leg for the entirety of the race.

So convinced that EMS was the absolute key ingredient here, I went on to train as an EMS instructor and have my own studio now in Esher, Surrey called EMS Strength. Training my clients fitted well around my own training and I have since supported so many others in discovering the huge benefits that EMS training has to offer.

The directory here at EMS Works will help you find an instructor near you and get that first trial session booked! You can try on an XBody suit for the first time, enhance your workout and build strength without the need for additional weights! All inside of 20 minutes!

EMS is a revolutionary style of training and I strongly encourage everybody to try it out for themselves.

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