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From ‘irreversible damage’ to running the Paris Marathon. Why I choose EMS!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

I’m Paula from Active Body EMS in Weybridge. I first experienced EMS training through injury recovery in 2015 in a clinical setting and now I help individuals to elevate their fitness and activate a healthier version of themselves with EMS Training.


When preparing to run the Berlin Marathon, I suffered significant injury to my back. I was told by Doctors that "I'd suffered irreversible damage and would not be able to run again" and I was utterly devastated!

Despite the news, I had grown up believing that nothing was impossible, so I started a comprehensive physiotherapy programme where EMS was a big part of treatment. The physiotherapist used electrical impulses to strengthen my muscles and rebuild their power. There was hope!

After eight months of disciplined rehabilitation, I was able to get back to running and I started training with my husband for my next event, the Paris Marathon 2016. We ran the marathon together and it became a real milestone in my life.

Later on, when I permanently settled in the UK, I discovered that EMS was available for fitness training, offering its benefits to people of all different ages and abilities. I became a certified trainer because I wanted to support others in activating their bodies, improving their fitness and improving muscle strength too.

My clients share their goals with me and I prepare the session adapted to their needs and goals. Whether it be to perform better at their preferred sport, reduce weight, increase muscle tone, build strength, recover from injury, improve alignment or just to look and feel better, EMS always works. Each client becomes special and unique.

In the design of a programme I take into account many variables and every workout ends up being unique. Training with EMS is fun, exciting and flexible and you can really incorporate any equipment or movements you may like to. Training can take place anywhere as well as the XBody technology that I use is compact and transportable.

EMS is a fairly new style of training in the UK yet I’ve found that those who try it get hooked quickly. Here’s what happened when my client Paul tried EMS for the first time thanks to his wife.

Paul had an active lifestyle and over the years had practiced several sports. While training jiu jitsu he suffered a shoulder injury which did not allow him to continue with much activity and he could not even do a single push-up.

His wife Amanda, who already trained with us, invited him over for a trial session. Paul was reluctant, but accepted the invite. At the trial session, we discussed his situation and his goals and we adapted the training for his needs and situation. He was positively surprised and decided to get more sessions immediately. Amanda, knowing Active Body EMS and knowing her husband, had already booked him in!

Paul has been training with us for a few months now, and has seen a great transformation. Progressively his shoulder has become stronger, and now can do several push ups, increasing every week. He can live a more active life and do many things he had stopped doing. He has lost weight, reduced his body fat percentage, gained muscle mass and most importantly, he feels much better overall.

Paul was able to rebuild strength after his injury gently, safely and effectively with electric muscle stimulation. The benefits continue. From better sleep, to improved posture, to the motivation to embrace a healthier lifestyle overall, Paul is happier as a consequence of all of this. He is now a committed and dedicated user of Active Body EMS and it fits in well his busy schedule.

If you’re close to Weybridge, get in touch to book a trial session with me on my website or social media! You can find loads more of my client case studies and testimonials there too. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

If you’re looking for EMS Training a little bit closer to your location… you can use our directory to find an instructor near you.

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