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From Home Studio to the High Street; The supercharged rebirth of EMS FISICO

Alba Casucci, Master Trainer & owner of EMS FISICO just opened the UK's first EMS studio dedicated to group classes, right in the heart of Richmond.


Upbeat, social and motivational are three words that perfectly describe the brand new small-group training concept on offer at EMS FISICOs Sheen Road studio. The super modern, super clean space is airy, bright and well-equipped, creating a high-class training environment for time-stretched professionals.

Since 2018, Alba of EMS FISICO has been delivering 1:1 sessions both in her home studio and in the homes of her clients. Time-efficient and results-effective EMS workouts became irreplaceable to her professional client base across Richmond who, due to highly-successful careers, have no time for any other kind of workout.

In 2019, Alba first laid eyes on her new studio space which was in a terrible state at the time, but held a lot of potential. Her vision was then put on hold for almost 12 months due to the pandemic. Through sheer perseverance and hard work however, she has brought her dream to life, creating an outstanding purpose-built space.


Training sessions with EMS FISICO contain a lot of variety with focus placed on creating good feeling energy during and after the session. By combining slow, controlled strength movements and fast paced cardio training with supplementary equipment, sessions are highly addictive and always changing. Alba is constantly building on her foundations and differentiating and improving her training style for her dedicated clients. She has created a truly unique niche.

Now, through the unveiling of her group training concept, Alba has brought a whole new dimension to EMS training. By working with 3 to 4 other like minded individuals at the same time, Alba has found that her clients push themselves even harder during sessions, motivated by the collective energy on the studio floor. This means results happen even faster and training becomes even more beneficial.

Feedback from existing clientele has been extraordinary, as the social element of the studio allows like-minded professionals to connect face to face. Comments on the high-spec finish of the studio's interior, spaciousness and atmosphere have all been positive too.


From a business perspective, EMS FISICO have seriously optimised their ROI thanks to group training, which, without sacrificing any quality or person-centred attention, allows for a much greater hourly turnover. Alba aims to open more studios across the UK using a similar business model in the near future.

“Over the last few weeks it’s been amazing to see how people work together on the studio floor. I always knew the atmosphere would become electric and super motivating and that’s really proving to be true. I’m really happy with the space we’ve created, it’s perfect to be honest and now we just have some TRX equipment to install and mirrors too and that’s it complete. Roll on January!”

To reserve your spot in a group class at EMS FISICO, or talk to Alba directly, visit

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