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Electric Results From The North

Far from the UK’s EMS epicentre of London and Surrey, sweetly nestled in the historic city of Lincoln, an XBody studio has been recording some incredible transformation results!


Melanie Dunn; Nutritionist & Fitness professional with a wealth of industry experience under her belt, integrated EMS training into her service package in late 2019 and has been closely measuring her own progress using the technology.

It’s no secret that EMS enhances the workout and it’s been clinically proven countless times in a variety of trials and case studies. In case you didn’t know, EMS supports more effective muscle building and faster fat burning processes, creating an all-around fit body without putting pressure on the joints, therefore can be used for rehabilitation purposes too. (Check out some of our other blog entries for all of the gory details!)

Now just like the rest of us, Melanie has had a tough time running her face to face services over the last 12 months. Although her work with clients has been on and off, Melanie has not stopped self-prescribing the supercharged XBody technology on herself and applying 2 x 20 minute workouts per week to her personal fitness goals.

Alongside the studies which give us a birds eye view of what’s possible with this technology, it’s nice to zoom in once in a while and see close up the changes that EMS training can create in an individual person. Luckily for us, Melanie has a trusty companion at hand to measure accurately the changes and enhancements to her physique... Tanita body composition scanners are a health professional's dream.

For those who don’t know already, Tanita is a body composition scanner that uses biological impedance (an imperceptible current through the body) in order to take its readings. Muscle, fat, bone and water conduct electricity at different rates. These rates of resistance are measured by the scanner. This information is then combined with formulas and data such as your gender and age. After just a few seconds, Tanita can tell you a lot of details about the composition of your body. Tanita’s professional models are trusted by health professionals worldwide.

Here are all the measurements that a Tanita can take from somebody:

Body fat percentage

Visceral fat

Body water percentage

Muscle mass

Muscle quality

Physique rating

Bone density

Basal metabolic rate

Metabolic age

With these measurements, you are able to get a comprehensive insight into your health and fitness progress and that’s exactly what Melanie did. After 6 months of 2 x 20 minute whole-body EMS training sessions per week, Melanie’s muscle mass increased from 40.7 to 42.4kg and her muscle quality score went from 47 to 75. Melanie disclosed that she completes roughly two cardio sessions on top of her 2 x 20 minute whole-body EMS sessions, which she has always done.

For anybody who already uses Tanita scanners and knows the lingo, she now has an ‘athlete’ physique reading and has been utterly wowed by what the XBody technology has helped her to achieve. Melanie, we’re so glad you sent these fabulous results over to us to share!

If you’re a curious professional like Melanie, just dying to try on that suit and complete your first EMS session, we’re taking bookings now for 1:1 consultations when Lockdown ends. Get in touch today and our friendly team will get you booked in!

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