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Electric Body And Health Transformations in Greystones, Ireland

It was one doctor’s lazy diagnosis that set Roseanna Gorman on a very interesting and rewarding journey in the Health & Fitness industry.


A journey that would lead her to setting up her own hugely successful fitness clinic in Spain, popping up in Hello! magazine and appearing on Channel 4.

Today, Roseanna has just opened the doors to VOLO; an innovative Body and Health Transformation studio based in Greystones incorporating 3D infrared body scanning, Personal training with EMS and Nutrition Coaching.

The VOLO Approach

“VOLO is a 3 step system with extraordinary benefits to body composition, overall health, fat loss, bone health and muscle gain.” Roseanna Gorman

3D Infrared Body Composition Scanning

Body Composition Scanning allows clients to visualise progress. An initial scan upon starting a programme with further scans every 4 weeks means that clients can watch visceral fat (fat around organs) reducing over time while simultaneously witnessing increases in muscle mass and lowering your metabolic age.

Traditional scales do not provide a deep enough insight into what is actually going on inside of the body. A non-invasive 3D body scan shows real results.

Personal Training with Electric Muscle Stimulation

Personal Training with EMS allows a person to lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously in just 1x 20 minute session per week. EMS is a safe, effective method of muscle stimulation that mimics the natural electric impulses sent by the brain to the muscle to help them contract and grow.

This futuristic training solution is as time-efficient as it gets thanks to 13 electrodes which stimulate all of the major muscle groups in the body at one time.

Evidence-Based Nutrition Coaching

Every single week during a VOLO programme, clients receive personal nutrition guidance and plans that don't require extensive shopping lists or hours spent in the kitchen. Nutrition coaching allows somebody to reach their goal in a balanced, non-restrictive way and teaches long term maintenance methods.

Effective nutrition is a very important part of body composition changes, in particular sufficient protein and calories without cutting out any major food groups.

Here’s what a recent VOLO client has said about the programme and guidance:

“I was going to the gym 3 times a week and running but I was still gaining weight. I was peri menopausal and just assumed that my belly fat was unavoidable. Little did I realise that the amount of cardio I was doing was counterproductive and actually reducing my muscle, meaning my metabolism was lower. Once I started personal training with EMS I could actually visibly track the fat loss and muscle gain on the 3D Scan.”

"It also turned out I wasn't eating nearly enough protein. I also discovered that tracking my food so closely didn't help my mental health and the non tracking option with VOLO gave me much more freedom. Now I have the knowledge to choose wisely and also eat the things I really enjoy."

Anne Marie Murray

VOLO offers personalised guidance and programmes, 1:1 training and specifically tailored packages for men, women, athletes and corporate teams. Book a free consultation call with Roseanna and get answers to your puzzling health situation.

We can’t wait to see more incredible results flying in Roseanna! Best of luck from the EMS Works team.

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