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Double your fun, triple your results and half your exercise time!

The buzz of an EMS workout is unmatchable. So if you haven’t tried it yet, here’s some info and results from instructor Dede McGarrity from Energise With EMS, Weybridge/Addlestone.

Her mission: Help people achieve their goals, get great results and thrive in life.


Dede McGarrity, Energise with EMS, Weybridge


EMS challenges the status quo of conventional gym training. Whether orientated towards building strength or burning calories, this futuristic training style can offer the results of a 90 minute workout in just 20 minutes.

These enhanced results are made possible by cleverly placed electrodes in a whole-body suit and qualified instructor who expertly tailors a varied programme. The suit delivers electrical impulses across the body, which the instructor controls, causing muscles to contract more deeply.

Dede has always evolved her fitness training to align with the needs of her client community.

With a background in dance, choreographing many global Theatre productions, Dede is known for her injection and contagious energy in her training methods.

At Energise With EMS Dede will create you an individual training programme helping you achieve:


Faster recovery after injury and/or surgery

Burn calories whilst torching fat

Train muscles to become stronger without getting achy joints

Save precious time and still get the body of your dreams

Have fun whilst training (who would’ve thought this was even possible)

Look fit, feel great and still have loads of energy and time to spend with your family


Clients of Dede have great stories to share too about their experiences with EMS Training:

Maria Ryan, Energise With EMS, Weybridge


Over the last 20 years, I have fluctuated with my weight and after having children I was the biggest I had ever been at close to 20 stone. I managed to lose weight at various times but never got below about 15 stone until now. I’d tried diet clubs, weekly weigh-ins, apps where I would count calories- they all worked but only temporarily.

Dede’s approach to helping me change my lifestyle has kept me focused and determined and has helped me realise that for me, it is possible to reach any goals I have. Being accountable for my own actions and choices, making the time to train and realising that my body actually wants it has been a lesson in itself.

I previously put myself through punishing gym routines that I couldn’t possibly keep up. Since training with EMS, I feel energised, refreshed and dare I say I actually ENJOY the feeling of working out now. After each session, I feel positive and not like I want to crawl into bed like I would after the gym.

My lifestyle has turned around because of this change, I have more energy and feel much more motivated. Dede’s expertise has really helped me in every possible way. I have a healthy mind and am well on track for having a healthy body to be proud of.

Each EMS session is hard work, but the kind you can physically feel working. A 20-minute training session feels like 4 times as much but afterwards, you gain a real rewarding sense of achievement.

I do still have a while to go until I have reached my goal, but it doesn’t end there. I will continue now with this mentality for life, thanks to Energise with EMS and to Dede for training my body and mind. Maria Ryan


Finally, what does an EMS session at Energise With EMS look like Dede?

“Training sessions are very straightforward. Either arrive ready, or get changed into your XBody undergarment at the studio and Dede will help you into the suit, whilst adhering to social distancing.

The whole-body electrode suit has always undergone a deep cleaning process between clients, even before it was fashionable!

Once you’re suited up you are ready for your 20 minute training programme. Dede will create bespoke tailored workouts for you (and your friend) to make sure you are getting the most out of your session.

We’re offering new EMS clients an opportunity to try it out for free over the next few weeks! Before April 12th, it will be outdoors, or after that, in our brand new Weybrdige studio. If you’ve been dying to try on that suit, this is the perfect opportunity.”


In order to book your free taster session at Energise With EMS

Text or Whatsapp Dede- 07711719199

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