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Can electrical stimulation improve your gym workout? Our response to the BBC

Long distance rower Libby Eyres joins millions of people across the globe who agree that EMS provides similar results of a long, hard gym session in just 20 minutes.


People from all walks of life are continuously choosing to train with EMS despite the “inconclusivities of scientific research”. In Munich alone, no less than 400 EMS studios serve a whole variety of people across the city. In the USA, EMS franchise Body20 has been named the fastest growing fitness franchise in history, beating both orangetheory and F45.

Across the XBody global network of over 5000 studios, long-term EMS clients fit a number of different profiles. From athletes looking to fine-tune performance and rehabilitate injuries, to postpartum women looking to tone the baby belly in a safe and effective way, to professionals who require a time-efficient workout in their lunch break.

Meanwhile, millions of other people who experience “gym-phobia” also prefer the private, person-centred environment of an EMS studio. So why, if the power of EMS Training is in fact inconclusive, do these people keep coming back for more?


By using Body Composition Scanning across hundreds of XBody EMS studios, it has been possible to highlight the key metrics that are affected by a programme of 2 x 20 minutes per week of EMS Training, providing quantitative data to further support positive client reviews.

On average, after 2 months of EMS Training, an individual will see significant improvements in muscle mass, muscle quality, bone density and body fat percentage. In contrast, a bi-weekly programme of traditional strength-based training would require much longer training sessions to create similar results and present more risk of injury.

So returning to the question, does electrical stimulation improve your gym workout? Whole-Body EMS has the ability to activate “sleepier”, smaller muscle groups, that would typically not get activated during traditional training. More activated muscle tissue will increase calorie burn from every training session and also promotes better balance and posture benefits over time.

The strengthening of these “sleepier” muscle groups through EMS can accelerate the training effect, meaning more muscle tissue is naturally activated by the brain when performing lifts / strength exercises. This makes a great way to improve your workout and a major contributing factor in creating a stronger and more balanced muscular system.

Triathlete Pippa Turley opened her own EMS studio in Surrey, UK, after experiencing excellent results when she added 2 x 20 minutes of EMS a week to her training schedule, healing a sciatic nerve issue in a short period of time.


“It appears to me that certain industry veterans and sports professionals, that continuously talk down EMS, haven't actually tried it in conjunction with their training plan”.

“After 3 to 4 sessions of EMS, every single one of my clients start to feel an improvement in posture, in general strength and a reduction in aches and pains.”

“Perhaps it’s time we started to look at the reports of EMS clients across the globe, who don’t just use EMS to save time, but because it works better and more deeply than traditional training did.”

“EMS is here to stay. It’s time for the UK fitness industry to start serving the changing wants and desires of the market.”

Seeking further scientific material? Here are some articles to review that showcase the true power of EMS Training in a number of different scenarios:

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