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Welcome to EMS Works, the UK's #1 XBODY distributor

EMSWorks is the UK's primary distributor for XBody EMS equipment. Whether you are looking to open an EMS studio, add revenue to your existing business or try EMS for the first time, we are here to help. 

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Why start an EMS business?

Incredible ROI

Space efficient and low staffing needs

Low set-up costs

Easy to get started

EMS is UK’s new fast-growing fitness solution

Why add EMS to your existing business?

Diversify in a saturated market

Double your hourly income

Improve client satisfaction

Better results in less time

Capitalise on unused space

Explore XBody Technology

Why XBODY? Hear it from our studio owners

Bruno Fernandes

XBODY Liverpool

Rochelle Butler

The Personal Training Centre, Surrey

Mike Tabb

EMS training NZ

ems for business xbody success


The Global Market

EMS studio chain BODY20 is now the fastest growing fitness franchise ever in the US, dwarfing both Orangetheory and F45. Some BODY20 locations are projected to achieve over $1m in annual revenue. 


UK Market Forecast

Existing studios are reporting higher membership figures than ever. With already-busy studios dotted around all over the country, the market is wide open for disruptive individuals to keep developing EMS into the UK’s favourite form of training. 


At XBody UK, we support new studio owners every month to get equipped, trained and opened in the best way possible for them. Whether that be starting with an at-home micro-studio, or direct to the high-street.


Big players in UK fitness are investing in high-street EMS concepts. Now is a key time to capitalise on the upwards curve. 

Some of the EMS solutions from XBODY

xbody pro new best ems device

Progressive, profitable, professional.

The XBody PRO is a powerful, versatile device, which offers flexible treatment and training solutions to suit different business models.

XBODY PRO Features:

 6 people training simultanesouly

 Wireless training – WIFI comms

 Virtual Trainer function included

 HDMI connection to TVs and Projectors

 15 hours battery life

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xbody go portable ems at home outdoors

Your solution for EMS training on the GO.

XBody GO is a tablet device that can be used freely and conveniently anywhere with up to two clients training simultaneously. It is ideal for Personal Trainers wanting to enter the EMS Market or for individuals wanting the luxury of having their own EMS device at home.

XBODY GO Features:

 2 people training simultaneously

 Wireless training – WIFI comms

 Virtual Trainer function – optional extra

 Available for home fitness

 Low cost of implementation

features of xbody go
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