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XBody DryTech System; changing the world of EMS

In late 2022, XBody launched their dual-system dry EMS range which removes the need for suit watering before training. Whether a studio chooses to run with sleek DryWear undergarments or the sophisticated all-in-one DrySuit, this system offers incredible benefits.


The process of watering an EMS suit in order to increase conductivity between the electrode pads and the body takes instructors around 2 minutes per client per session. This is no longer necessary. In a group studio setting, that could theoretically save an instructor around 10 minutes of session prep, which easily adds up to over an hour per day.

What can instructors do with all of this spare time thanks to DryTech? Squeeze in another group EMS training session where they could be earning up to £240 in 45 minutes to 1 hour. Even in a 1:1 or 1:2 microstudio, faster turnaround means that this spare time could equate to circa £80 additional revenue per day.

When it comes to your clients, DryWear offers a similar experience to traditional EMS undergarments. Clients can arrive with undergarments on, ready to train, but they don’t need to get cold and wet before they start their session, or leave in the winter with wet clothes.


DrySuit is an ultra-personalised option where clients would own their own all-in-one EMS suit that doesn’t require undergarments as it is fully integrated with all of the electrodes. For clients, this is a personal and hygienic option offering total flexibility of movement. We predict that VIP clients and those who train at home would be the ideal market for the XBody DrySuit.

For existing studios, both DryTech systems are fully compatible with Actiwave, GO and PRO systems, and when it comes to DryWear undergarments, with the 2.0 and 3.0 XBody training suits. DryTech can be slowly integrated with an existing ‘wet’ EMS system with ease.

DryTech is set to transform EMS training worldwide. With faster session preparation and more benefits to the client, XBody DryTech is already being launched in studios all across the globe.


Leaders in EMS innovation since 2010, XBody was one of the original pioneering EMS manufacturers. Today, thanks to years of experience, with countless powerful innovations underway, including fully mobile devices like the PRO and GO, wireless training, group training for up to 6 people and now DryTech, XBody are moving faster than any other manufacturer out there.

Are you a fitness or movement professional researching the best EMS solution to support your business model? Are you changing your career path and seeking the most lucrative opportunity in fitness?

Book a free business consultation with our UK team and experience the power and functionality of XBody EMS Training for yourself.

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