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EXERCEO Launches New Wave of Electric Fitness

Pioneers of London EMS training EXERCEO, are giving the city something to shout about with new studio locations and a fiery new concept.


At Monument Light Centre last Thursday night, the charismatic EXERCEO team showcased their uplifting, atmospheric and high energy EMS experience to investors, stakeholders and brand partners who gathered to witness the relaunch.

Three new studios in Monument, Belgravia and Blackfriars aim to revolutionise the face of EMS training. EXERCEO, using a mashup of movement and a motivating, energetic setting have delivered a new wave of EMS training that people can stay hooked to. It's fresh, disruptive and social.

EXERCEO's reinvented offerings of small-group EMS alongside person-specific private training programmes in strength, cardio, pilates and dance promise time-efficient training with accelerated results.

The only thing traditional about EXERCEO's new direction? Sessions still last a very convenient 20 minutes.

CEO Lewis Thompson said "Our incredible team are bringing a lot of fresh ideas to our new studios. Busy professionals can train, change and be back at their desk within the hour, with a post-workout buzz that lasts all week."

To find out more about EXERCEO's new direction and to book a session at on of their sudios visit

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